The month is over and it's now time to 
announce the top three voters of March 

1st Place - despicabledonkey - 75 Votes

2nd Place - ryan231marsh04 - 61 votes

3rd Place shutupannabel - 25 Votes

So congratulations to despicableonkey on 
being top
 voter and upgrading to the Creator rank!
We are now  using a new host to run the server on!
This of course means we have a totally different server, just the same files (worlds, plugins, etc). On this new server, we have 8GB of RAM. Compared to our old 3GB of RAM, this is awesome. Hopefully we won't be experiencing hours of downtime and crashes anymore.
Also, you now MUST connect using or else it won't work.
Anyways, ya, that's all, bye :)
Sorry for the unexpected downtime. We're trying to resolve the issue ASAP. We may also be switching server hosts soon.
Copy and paste this IP into Minecraft Multiplayer

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