HCG Diet Plan 101 May 27, 2016

Now you’re ready to shed the fats off on your HCG diet plan. You are most likely done with first phase of indulging. Now it’s easier to follow the guidelines that will make you lose all those unwanted weight. The general diet plan can get monotonous but you can always jazz it up with some menu planning and creativity.

The HCG diet restricts calorie intake to 500 calorie daily. It may sound intimidating and may make you feel hungry but it will not. You will not feel hungrier than you usually do but it may take you a day or two to get the hang of it.

hcgA low calorie diet doesn’t mean eating any calorie in sight. You have to intake the healthy calories. It’s a fantasy to eat whatever you want and expect a weight loss. You must also restrict your fat intakes and moderate your proteins and carbohydrates. Consume a lot of water while undergoing the homeopathic HCG diet.

You don’t have to wait until lunch for a meal. For breakfast, you should guzzle on the liquids. You can drink non-carbonated, zero calorie drinks, coffee, or tea. One teaspoon of milk and one small pack of stevia are allowed for your coffee but it should only be the only one for 24 hours. Drink water in the morning too. Water will flush the toxins away and rehydrate your body. Fresh fruit juice will also energize your day and drive away the toxins from the same fat you are trying to burn. If you still feel hungry in the morning, just eat one item from your lunch. It is usually one fruit or one vegetable.

The HCG diet lunch and dinner menu have the same elements: a vegetable, a fruit, one starch, and one protein. You just have to choose one food type from the category and always stay on the 500 calorie daily count. For HCG diet also get detail visit 1hcgdrops.com

Vegetables will always be a part of any healthy diet. For HCG diet, we recommend 3 ounces for each serving. The suggested vegetables are cucumbers, radish, mixed baby greens, asparagus, chard, spinach, chicory, onions, beet-greens, fennel, celery, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, tomatoes, and cabbage. Stick with the precise plan for several weeks until you feel it’s comfortable to change it and you still shed the average weight loss.

Fruits help in removing the fat cells away from our bodies. Here, we present to you the fruit choices that is allowed for the HCG diet. Just select one for lunch and one for dinner. You can choose from a handful of strawberries, a cup of blackberries, an apple, one medium lemon, one grapefruit, and a small orange.

For the starch choices include a low fat breadstick, grissini breadstick, or Melba toast. These are all available in your local grocery stores. Make sure to check the labels first in case they add some seasonings or cheese. It is always better to choose the plain ones. Just select one for each of your meals.

Protein doesn’t mean just any protein. It has to be the low fat and lean protein. The recommended serving size is also 3 ounces or a hundred grams. You can have extra lean beef, chicken breast, white fish, crab, lobster, veal, or shrimp. Remember not to cook your poultry or milk on their bones. You have to remove the meat from the bone and make sure that all fats and skin are trimmed. You can’t have tuna or salmon because of its high calorie and fat content.

As we have earlier mentioned, do not forget to drink water. Water is one of the most important elements of the HCG diet. It will help you with any future constipation. If you are craving for some flavor, just splash some lemon in your water. Measure your liquid intake by drinking water, in ounces, the half of your weight. If you are 140, drink not less than 70 ounces daily.

Don’t be shy in incorporating spices in your meals when you cook. You can always use garlic, basil, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, salt, or pepper. Never use oil when cooking. Adding spices will not affect your weight loss if you are careful on the amount used.

Plan all your meals ahead of time. Write them down and make a schedule of your food plan so you won’t lose track it. This will direct your eating process and make sure that you will not be hungry at unreasonable times. Eventually, it will you prevent the overeating tendency.

Learn and master the 5 minute meals. Prepare your protein, vegetables, and fruits for several meals. Clean them thoroughly, measure, label, and store them in a clear, zip locked plastic container. Refrigerate them. All you have to do when it is meal time is cook or heat your food. This strategy will definitely facilitate your diet plan and let you stay on track.

Cutting back on oil is not only limited to the food you intake. It includes all the things that you usually apply on your hair and skin. Do not use oil based products or cosmetics. There are products in the market that are oil free. Some moisturizers, foundations, shampoo, and conditioners do not contain oil and are naturally organic products. You can feel good and look good on the HCG diet.