We're back... Better than ever... And so much more fabulous!

Well, as the title and subtitle clearly states, DSC is now back.. With a new server and a new name! And a new owner and some new staff, etc... lel. The new owner is ChuMoreRice (or ChiuChiuTrains which is his alt). So if you're wondering why, this actually is his server. We'll be re-hiring most of our old staff, along with some of Chu's staff from his other server (WSO - Worldstone Origins).

The IP is still the same, as some of you may know. It'll remain until further notice <3

Loss of plots and bug fixes 

I highly apologize for the loss of plots, for they were quite amazing. Our Admins and Owner have been working very hard on fixing all the bugs and rank issues or the issue with players having no commands.. Please be patient!

Applying for moderator/helper/admin

As before, you will be required to register/apply on the site if you are looking to apply for staff, for that has not changed. But right now that is currently unavailable until we create ourselves another website (because this is no longer DSC and is now WSC... Ye) So please remain patient for that as well.

Voting and "Member" rank

You've seen it before... You'll see it again. The Player rank..! Yey. Although this rank does not have the same perks as before. Player is now the default rank... So don't be fooled when you join the server and it says [Player]. You'll still have to vote! But now we have the "Member" rank. The member rank serves the same purpose as before... Just a different name. So as I said, don't be fooled. 

Voting is currently being set up by our fabulous new Owner, Chu. So please be patient. An Admin will rank you up to member when you join the server until the voting starts working.. Then you'll have to vote. (Ugh I knowww so much work for us admins, eh? Ranking everyone up... Dx)


Some of the permissions aren't added to ranks like "Mod" and "Member". So if you'd please stay with us for a bit longer we'll sort those bits out as well.

Donation Ranks

Now I know a lot of you have donated to DSC... Well those payments sadly are not transferred onto WSC.. Now do NOT go saying you've wasted your money!! You've done a huge part in helping the server as long as you did with your donations. Whether they were big or small. But think of it this way, the donations were to help the server stay up and the rank was a thank you in return.

Please, if you'd want to donate again when the website is ready, be my guest! It would help a lot and there wouldn't be any incident like there was on DSC with people wrecking the server..


I really hope this has cleared up any concerns with the new server..
Please keep in mind and be patient, the staff are working very hard sorting everything out..
And again, another apology from all of us about the recent activity involving the loss of our
beloved DSC. 

Kylie // BluePandaXx

Hello players of Dead Set Creative!

Okay, so most of you may know that the server is currently down, and only some of you know why.

Recently, one of our admins (Jaack_Maate) got mad at Toby, which was completely unnecessary, and he deleted DSC's files and everything. He gave all players full permissions and they griefed spawn and who knows what else. 

If you have gotten word that it was Toby who ruined the server, that accusation is false. Toby had nothing to do with what happened to the server. 


We are currently deciding on opening up another server (not sure yet). 

If we do, everyone can go to that server and we'll be good again. It will just take some time to make the server and it won't be fully released until it's finished. So please be patient and everything will be fine. 

Kylie // Blue



Tobae o.- OWNER
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